Worker’s Compensation insurance is coverage for employee’s workplace injuries or
illnesses and is required in virtually every state. Workers compensation covers
medical expenses, lost wages, and rehabilitation services. Worker’s
compensation insurance is understood by several names from workman’s compensation,
worker’s comp, workman’s comp, and others

workers compensation insurance Arizona insurance provides

Medical and wage benefits to people that are hurt or become ill at
work. The coverage is mandated by each state along with the wage and healthcare benefits differ by state. Employee’s compensation is considered a social
insurance because it relies on a social contract between management and labor,
wherein exchange for purchasing workers’ compensation insurance, business
owners are protected from civil lawsuits from their employees who become injured on
the job. Each party benefits yet has limitations.

compensation insurance offers broad coverage designed to protect your business
and your employees. The doctor requires the employee to remain in
the hospital for 24 hours and to stay on bed rest for a week. Their doctor
diagnoses of carpal tunnel syndrome, and recommends surgery. The cost of the
surgery is covered by workers comp insurance, as is a portion of the
employee’s wages while they are out of work to recover.
An electrical subcontractor is
working on a rehab of an old building. The electrician accidentally cuts a
live wire and is electrocuted. The worker survives but has a lengthy
hospital stay and rehabilitation before they can return to work. Workers
compensation insurance covers the worker’s medical costs and a percentage
of lost wages.

When employees suffer workers comp services in Arizona
A work-related injury or illness, The Hartford Workers’ Compensation
Insurance protection helps cover wages and health care benefits and gives them
access to experienced, caring professionals at each step of the restoration.

We have programs
Designed to support companies, promote employee safety and well-being and aid get personnel back to work as soon as reasonably possible; or if needed, to
other transitional work, and possibly training for new abilities. If an employee
can’t return to operate, the policy can provide a long-term benefit.

The advantages of
Workman’s comp insurance from The Hartford include:

Preferred Medical Provider
Network: Employees may tap to our nationwide network of over
One million providers experienced in treating workplace accidents.
Prescription Drug Features: More
Than 65,000 participating pharmacies across the US are available to
Fill prescriptions, normally without a out-of-pocket cost to the injured

Worker. The convenience of mail order service is Only a telephone call or
click away.
Nursed Back to Health: The
Hartford provides exceptionally seasoned nurse case managers to help
Coordinate with care and treatment along with physical, emotional and
occupational therapies.
Pay-as-You-Go Billing
Solutions: Our paychecks employees’ compensation insurance billing
Solution bases premium payments on real payroll, which will be able to assist you
Manage cash flow and decrease audit surprises. commercial insurance agency casa grande

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